Mandatory Masks Are a Socialist Tactic for Submission Used by Stalin

Karl Mask Would Be Proud

All good conservative American patriots know that masks are works of the devil himself. The socialist-communist fascist Democrats are using these masks to exert control over Americans.

They are testing who are sheep and who are wolves. Those who wear masks are the sheep and good conservative American patriots that do not, are wolves. This tactic has been used before by none other than Josef Stalin.

We asked an expert in Russian history, Joe Barron, about the Soviet mask laws of the 1950s:

“In the 1950s, the Soviet Union experimented with mask laws in several of their cities. They wanted to see how it would affect the people, and who would resist the laws. Those that resisted were sent to the gulag for 10 years of hard labor.

The masks were believed to make people lose their individuality and make the people think of themselves as just a part of the Soviet machine. These laws would make the people subservient to the state and feel helpless. This was exactly what the government wanted.”

This is exactly why the Democrats want Americans to wear masks. They want us to fall in line and become good little communists. The masks save lives, but that matters little compared to the fictitious threat of communism.

President Trump doesn’t wear a mask. That is because he is very dotarded and knows it will prevent communism from spreading. Masks may stop the virus, but they will spread communism, which is far worse.

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