Conservative Supreme Court Can Overturn Gay Marriage Now

Jesus is back in the Supreme Court!

The Supreme Court is already gearing up for Trump’s second term. Conservative justices are extremely excited for the nomination and seating of Amy Coney Barrett, and they’re ready to get moving on several cases, cases that they know they’ll win. With Amy Coney Barrett, they can bring the Bible and Christian values back into their rightful place.

One of the big moves that the Supreme Court will attempt is to “fix,” in their words, the marriage equality ruling of 2015. America, they believe, is a Christian nation and has no room or will for gay couples to marry.

The simple fact that the liberal court of 2015 passed marriage equality is something of a thorn in the side of the conservative Christian justices, as well as patriotic Christian Americans.

Clerk for Justice Alito, Joseph Barron, says that he and Justice Thomas are urging the court to revisit the 2015 ruling which granted same-sex couples the right to marry. Barron said the two justices believe that gay marriage goes against not only Biblical principles but also American principles.

The justices are looking to “repair” the ruling which affected so many Christian Americans. The proposed ruling would also make current gay marriages null and void.

The original ruling in 2015 angered many American Christians. How dare people that don’t understand and hate be able to be as equal and free as they are? How dare these people, who Christians claim they don’t hate and it’s all about the “sin,” be in love and commit to one another?

That’s something Christ would want, and American evangelical Christians are really the furthest thing from Christ-like. Even though the Bible totally tells them to love and let live. They missed that part.

The fact they can’t simply shove gay people back in the closet and pretend that they are less Americans is what really bothers them.

To these hateful bigots, nobody besides them deserves freedom or love or acceptance.  Their religious ideals stop at their own personal garbage and that of their equally clueless and sinful president. 

Guess cheating on all three of your wives isn’t “hurting marriage” or against any of these conservative Christian principles. But gay people? Especially those in committed loving relationships who contribute so much to our society? Bad.

If only we can be a theocracy like Iran, except of the Christian variety. But be careful what you wish for. Most of you wouldn’t pass the standards you hold others to. God bless America.

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