Colin Kaepernick Has Received Contract Offers From 12 NFL Teams

The truth is right in front of you

The NFL has once again shown their true colors by reversing their ban on kneeling during the national anthem in order to bow down to liberals. The league is run by un-American cowards and will surely fold as a result of conservative boycotts.

This rule reversal was bad enough, but then, as if to kick loyal patriots in the face once again, they’ve made it even worse. OG kneeler, Colin Kaepernick, without an NFL job in the past three years, has suddenly become a hot commodity with many teams offering him millions in order to come to play for them.

At least 12 teams are known to have offered contracts to the controversial quarterback, and there are rumors that as many as 10 others have as well. Owners are eager to have the man who has become the face of the new NFL morality on their squads. They all want to use his face to show that they, more than anyone else, welcome lawlessness and chaos.

Former quarterback for a patriotic team, Tom Brady, explains this madness best:

“Now that we are no longer playing for America, anything goes. Colin wanted chaos in the streets, it’s only natural that we would have chaos on the gridiron too. No rules. No laws. That’s exactly what these traders want. With that in mind, Kaepernick will fit right in. With that kind of a structure, you wouldn’t have to have talent to play this game anymore.”

Brady is right. What Kaepernick and his ilk have brought in is a whole new ballgame. It won’t be long before NFL football will no longer be recognizable. What was one a great game is now dead.

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