CNN Says ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Never Happened

CNN is saying that the famous “Let’s Go Brandon” interview never happened. In an official statement to the mainstream media, News Director Art Tubolls made the network’s position very clear:

“Let’s go Brandon was never real. It was some silly thing someone heard wrong and some idiot coined it. It’s the dumbest thing ever, and we don’t recognize it.”

That statement doesn’t make a lot of sense, patriots, considering we all saw it happen right there on CNN. The reporter, trying to cover for Joe Biden, said, “Are they saying Let’s go Brandon?” And the driver laughed in her face and walked away.

That’s the way the internet chooses to tell it so that’s the way it happened. Period.

CNN says it will file a case in the 316th Federal District Court for Frivolous Lawsuits so I can get to 200 words and end this ridiculous story.

Sorry, patriots. Sometimes doing the Lord’s work can get to you. This morning I shot a bunny just for fun. Now I’m conflicted.

Anyway, patriots, CNN rewriting the past doesn’t ever go their way. Like when they tried to paint a peaceful tour of the Capitol on January 6th as some kind of riotous insurrection.

They just don’t get it, patriots. We see what we need to. And nothing more. Ever.

God bless America.

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