Clinton Foundation to Buy Epstein’s Island

It is well known that legendary smut peddler and financial advisor to the pedophile elite Jeffrey Epstein owned an island in the US Virgin Islands.

Many Hollywood stars and democrats would travel to his island where they would be gifted with sexual favors administered by a wide and varied catalogue of unsuspecting women.  It was this island that, in the end, proved to be his downfall.

Upon his arrest on July 16, 2019, the federal government seized the property and remain in ownership of its numerous assets. Now, that Biden has become president, the federal government is quickly selling the property.

The buyer?  None other than the Clinton Foundation.

This comes as no surprise considering Bill Clinton was a frequent visitor to the tropical paradise. It is clearly an acquisition of evidence against him.

In fact, Epstein had left the island to Bill Clinton in his will, a will that was quickly nullified by Trump’s Department of Justice after Epstein’s untimely assassination while in prison.

But apparently, money is no object for the philandering Clintons, and the $25 billion purchase barely put a dent in their heavily padded coffers.

On the island, guests would often be greeted by Epstein and his longtime assistant, Jackass star Wee Man.

They liked to dress in white tuxedos when they were expecting incoming flights.  Wee Man would watch for it in the island’s bell tower and yell, “Boss!  Da plane!  Da Plane!” while furiously ringing the bell.

The pair would then meet with the guests to make brief introductions as they disembarked, and Jeffrey would say, “Welcome to Epstein’s Island.”

The island offered lustful luxuries as well as many themed rooms and play areas.  They included such wonders as an Anal Arboretum, a Bestiality Estuary, and a Scat Beach just to name a few.

Ironically, Clinton already has his own suite in the main house. That will surely save him some money on any remodeling he may want to do.

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