Clinton Email Server Found Dead After Emails Exposed

The truth is right there in front of you

Hillary Clinton’s emails are now being exposed, and she is not happy about it. These emails were to be secure, and now the Trump administration has their hands on them, leaving Clinton and her legacy in danger, and she may wind up in prison for the rest of her days.

These new developments are shocking and then again not, we all knew Hillary was up to no good in the first place.

Another shocking yet not shocking at all development is that her email server has been found dead. This is the price one pays for crossing the Clintons. 

The Clinton have a body count that’s a mile long, as they say in Washington, the only thing more deadly than the Clintons is cancer, and that’s only because they allow it. The news of the death even rattled Attorney General Bill Barr, but he is not undeterred. He will not be Vince Foster’d like the email server.

Clinton’s emails have been at the heart of Donald Trump’s ire for years. He knows that what is in those emails isn’t good. But now, finally, he will have his moment and be able to finally lock her up.

Promises made, promises kept! 

With the Clinton emails now safely in the hands of the justice department, the only thing left is the crying that will happen. No more will America be harmed by the woman!

DC detective Joseph Barron found the dead server, and he was shocked at the body’s condition.

“I’ve never seen anything like this before. It’s the most horrific crime in my 36 years of police work.” 

Barron went on to state that it was frightening that anyone could have such savage vengeance against anything, especially something or someone like an email server. It’s just insanity. How could she???

America has long been used to the Clinton dead that they’ve made up over the years. This is just another one in a long line of Clinton Dead, but it doesn’t make it any less shocking or ridiculous.

How can these people have gotten away with such horrific crimes over this many decades? It’s almost like they were all created out of thin air, kinda like an email server is.


Our thoughts and prayers go out to the email server and its family in the Cloud.

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