Biden Is Going After the Churches: ‘You Gotta Pay Taxes, Man!’

Christian churches have been a staple of every American community since the Jamestown colony was established in 1607. Churches not only provide a place for worship, but also serve as community meeting spaces, and most importantly, a shelter for people in need.

Whether homeless or helpless, the church has always taken in and supported those less fortunate. The main reason churches can serve their communities in such a fashion is their tax-exempt status as “public charities.”

President Biden is removing this status and will begin taxing churches.

Not only will Biden be taxing churches, but he will be doing so at a staggering 85 percent church tax rate, a full 64 percent higher than the federal corporate tax rate in 2020. This will have a devastating effect on most smaller local churches.

Many are expected to have to shutter their doors until Trump is re-elected in 2024 and corrects this unholy mistake.

However, mega-church ministers, such as Reverend Creflo Dollar, tell us not to worry too much over the sudden egregious tax.

“Sheeeeeeeiiit! I don’t declare most of my profits anyway. Cash is king, baby. That’s why I keep my offshore accounts full of cash. Rest assured my churches will remain open for business…uh…I mean worship.”

Pastor Kenneth Copeland tells us, “You think I bought a private jet because I like to fly?  I’m terrified of flying. Let’s just say I bought that jet to keep my assets mobile.  If they want my tax money, they’ll have to shoot it out of the sky.”

“Here’s looking at you, kid.”

According to Joe Barron, the taxation of churches seems downright vengeful on Biden’s part.  Perhaps it is because he’s been kicked out of so many Catholic churches in his life, he feels this is his only recourse.

Or maybe it has been his staunch defiance of systemic pedophilia that has led him to view churches in such a low light.

At any rate, NFL viewership is expected to skyrocket in 2021.

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