Chuck Schumer Cancels Trump’s Presidential Library

The truth is right there in front of you

Chuck Schumer has ordered Democrats in the House and Senate to figure out ways to punish the greatest president of all time, Donald J Trump. Trump was handed a re-election loss. But, the Trump presidential library was to be built, honoring the 45th and best president of all time.

Schumer has decided that, unless senate republicans intervene, that Trump does not deserve a presidential library nor will the Senate contribute any funds that are allocated to build such a library for any former president.

This is a slap in the face to history, tradition, and the man himself. These Democrats will stop at nothing to hurt Donald Trump in any way that they can. It’s disgraceful.

Joseph Barron, D-Idaho, doesn’t understand the need for a Trump presidential library.

“We know he didn’t read, we know his supporters really can’t read, so what’s the point? Thinking, literate Americans won’t step foot into a library that’s got nothing but skin mags, coloring books and McDonald’s menus, not to mention his ‘Wall Of Tweets‘ that this idiot proposed. It’s just a giant waste of money on a man who was a waste of time.”

That’s harsh, Joe.

The library was slated to cost taxpayers nearly $750 million dollars, even though the building itself wouldn’t be much more than a trailer on some garbage land in the middle of Florida. The actual cost was right around $23,000 but the extra was Trump trying to grift off the ultra stupid people who to this day still support him, showing that a library of any kind would be fruitless, as these people are insanely ignorant. We really should stop coddling these idiots.

One day, there may just be a Trump presidential library, but he will never be there, there will be nothing of substance, and knowing  Trump, there will be an astronomical entrance fee and the gift shop will be filled with MAGA hats and flags marked up 300 percent, because there’s a sucker born every minute. Honestly. Why a library? You people know that you have a hard enough time reading this. Idiots. God bless America.

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