Chrissy Teigen Was Just Fired from Mega Modeling Firm For Disrespecting Trump

You know they say that what comes around, goes around, and that appears to be the case with liberal ANTIFA activist Chrissy Teigen and her husband, John Legend.

Chrissy was just fired from a $20 million contract to model for Mega Modeling Firm, an industry leader in California. After it was discovered that Teigen was sending donations to ANTIFA, the firm said they could no longer be associated with someone so against President Trump.

The company also took issue with Teigen’s willingness to normalize the breast as a means to feed a baby.

Joe Barron, Vice President of Public Relations for Mega Modeling made the following statement:

“Mega Modeling does not want to deal with the kind of image that goes along with showing that kind of activity. In fact, no one really wants to see that, and we ask that she have a little bit of respect, and use a coverup. Thank you very much.”

Karen Mulruney, who lives just down the street in Akron, Ohio couldn’t agree more. She said on Teigen’s Instagram posts that show the model nursing her son:

“This should be a private moment between the mother and the baby. Can you imagine what you would say to your little boys if they saw that? What if your husband was with you and he got caught looking! Well, it’s just indecent. It’s immoral.”

Chrissy Teigen says she doesn’t really care about the contract and that she was planning on donating the full $20 million from the string bikini calendar to Planned Parenthood, anyway. Now she’ll just drop it to $10 million and call it a day.

“They were all pure plastic, anyway. I don’t need that job. Have you seen me? I’m rich and beautiful. Um, I’m married to John Legend. John freaking Legend. C’mon!”

Good! Serves her right!

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