Twitter Suspends Candace for Sharing ‘Fake Biden Story’


The major social media networks are pulling out all the stops to combat misinformation this election season, hoping to avoid a repeat of the chaos surrounding 2016.

Thanks to legions of Russian and Eastern European troll farms, to this day, Americans of a lesser intelligence and ability to reason still believe that Hillary Clinton is some sort of magical serial killer, Barack Obama isn’t a citizen, and Donald Trump is, laughably, competent.

Twitter stood out this week as the network first to call out an incredibly see-through false story printed by notorious scandal publication The New York Post, about a millionaire who left a broken computer with a random repairman instead of simply buying a new one, with a nametag sticker on it, and damning emails that he for some reason, downloaded to his hard drive so that it could be discovered.

And it involved Rudy Guliani. What kind of defective gerbil-like animal could possibly buy that?

“Did you hear? Chelsea Clinton married Alec Baldwin’s son! They live in a chemtrail made out of vaccines!”

Enter conservative talking head, Candace Owens.  Owens found fame and fortune by simply sticking to Sean Hannity’s guns, no matter how stupid it made her sound, or how many times it might have lead her to defend Adolf Hitler.

Well, Twitter had enough of it, and decided to save humanity from swallowing one more tard pill by suspending her account.

According to Joe Barron, a neighbor who lets his dog crap on her porch, Owens did not take the news well, and like her portly protege Trump, responded by throwing tantrums and blaming the nebulous “left.”

According to experts, this marks the twenty-pintillionth time a trumptard has been triggered over something they made up themselves.

“It’s the liberal’s fault I got sued for making a pillow out of penguin skin. Melania loved it.”

Again, if it’s satire, like this tale above, it’s labeled.  But don’t try to make up ridiculous garbage and try to call it real news.

That’s how we ended up with dimwits who think Michelle Obama is a man, teens are running around swallowing tide pods, and a black president must be from Kenya.