Biden Administration to Steal $11.5 Billion from Social Security to Fund Mandatory Gun Buybacks


The Biden Administration has not been shy with their flinging around of Executive Orders. Now he has set his sight on dismantling the Second Amendment.

Once again, he’ll abuse the pen to bring forth his liberal agenda, this time with his target set squarely on gun control.

This Executive Order is primed to mandate a gun buyback program that will be funded solely by money held in the Social Security Administration trust.

$11.5 billion, to be exact.  A truly ridiculous and unbelievable number.

Details on how the program will be enacted have not yet been made public with the exception that it will be required that every gun is to be purchased by the government and then destroyed.

There are an estimated 16 billion guns in the United States so the average payment per gun will be just over 72 cents apiece.

Prison time will be mandated for anyone who chooses to not comply with this order, that is, for any of the gun owners who manage to survive the eventual police raids on their property to confiscate the weapons.

Biden spokesperson Dickie Dunn lectured a small gathering of media about this upcoming Executive Order and took no questions.

“Private citizens have proven to be too much of a threat to government institutions.  Their guns are sometimes bigger than our guns.  What these people need to understand is that we’re the government and we’re always going to win.  Some ‘so-called’ patriots talk a good game about showing us up.

Let’s see how well they can do when we force them to give up their guns.  The best part is that we have all of the money we need in the Social Security Trust to do it.  What has the average person on Social Security done for us recently?  Nothing!  That’s what.  You want free money?  Try rejecting your citizenship and living here illegally, otherwise shut up and get a job, you lazy freeloaders!”

Even the threat of Executive Orders like this are enough to make Sandy Batt and Thomas Jefferson roll over in their graves.

Mandatory gun back backs and the destruction of Social Security are part of the future the liberals want and the centerpiece of fictitious Biden’s evil plans.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you and don’t come crying to us patriotic Americans when Biden comes after your avocado toast and Priuseses.

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