Budweiser to Release Limited Edition Hammer and Sickle Cans to Honor USSR

The truth is right in front of you

Budweiser has a long history of trying to fit into the PC crowd. They’ve pulled several stunts to cater to the leftist crowd in the past few years. But nothing they have done has been as evil as their next little stunt. This time, Budweiser is releasing a limited time “Hammer & Sickle Edition” to honor the legacy of the Soviet Union.

Budweiser spokesman, Joe Barron, issued a statement on the reasoning behind the decision:

“Well, if you look at the direction this country is headed, it’s clear we are headed to full communism. We always want to be ahead of the curve, so we are trying to penetrate the market and get the leftist crowd interested in our products.

“The leftist segment is very important to us, as they will be the majority in the next few years so we have to cater to them. Plus, America sucks and the Soviet Union was much better.”

These are disgusting words to come from what was once a great American company. Good patriots have taken notice, and are vowing to boycott as they always do. They will probably forget in a few weeks though, and all will go back to normal.

This will hit Budweiser where it hurts, in their profits.

Some Republicans are saying a boycott isn’t enough. There is talk amongst Republican leaders about passing a bill that will kick Budweiser out of the country. This would be great, but it’s probably illegal and won’t ever happen. But keep hoping anyway!

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