Broke Democrats to Donors: ‘Skip a Meal and Fund Our Campaigns’

The truth is right in front of you

The money is flowing into our Dear Leader and the Republican party so much that Scrooge McDuck is letting them borrow the money vault that he uses as a swimming pool until the election is over.

Meanwhile, the Democrats are so desperate for money that they are asking potential donors to skip meals and send them the money saved to fund their campaigns. Money that would be wasted because no sane or rational person would ever vote for a Democrat.

The Democrats clearly know no boundary when it comes to begging for campaign donations. When unemployment is over 10 percent and people are in line for food boxes, these politicians are so disconnected from reality that they believe donating to their campaigns is the top priority.

Republican spokesperson Sandy Batt gave a press conference to laugh about the Democratic desperation dominating Dover, Delaware.

“Here, in Joe Biden’s home state, which is a Democrat run cesspool, by the way, unemployment is at an all time high.  This is due to the failed socialist ideas from Obama administration, which Biden was part of. Not even the strong economic policies of President Trump could overcome the damage done because the people of Delaware won’t help themselves.

The Democrat coffers are empty and everyone knows all about their failures, which led to where we are now. They are so desperate for money that they are asking people to skip meals and then donate that money to their campaigns! If that doesn’t reek of desperation, I don’t know what does!

The Democrats know that they are ill-equipped to bring us out of the recession that they put us in. Only the Republicans led by our great President Donald Trump can do that.”

Anyone who asks potential donors to choose between putting food on the table or donating to a political campaign that could not care less about them is not deserving of our vote.  

This is why we need Republicans, now more than ever.

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