Pelosi Order Bans Changes to Abortion Law for 10 Years


With the unavoidable prospect looming of another partisan judge appointed to the Supreme Court by President Trump, it looks like Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is throwing a hail Mary pass.  Determined to protect the rights of women over their own bodily physiology, she has issued Congressional Executive Order F-344, which will forbid any change in legal statute affecting abortion laws as they currently stand.

Order F-345 reportedly will bring back Firefly. So vote Biden/Harris. Shiny.

The largest fear, of course, regarding a conservative court is that despite the scant possibility of it happening, many backwards old zealots who don’t understand remedial biology believe they can get the landmark Roe vs Wade case overturned.  Even should that Taliban-like fantasy occur, abortion would not be “banned.”

Trump’s evangelical supporters who became evangelical on the day a black man was elected President seem perfectly willing to ignore every damaging move the morbidly obese incompetent mental peanut makes against the country as long as they can pretend to care about “The unborn”, a meaningless phrase in itself.  You see, boiling every argument down to abortion allows them to not have to answer to why they’re supporting a convicted criminal and accused rapist who cheated on every wife he’s had.

In a poll conducted last week by Joe Barron University, an overwhelming majority of Americans support the pro-choice movement, just as they have since it’s inception in the 1970s.  Leave it to Trump’s Boomer generation of throwbacks that desperately want to leave behind their unwanted dictum of antique moral twattery and then die.  Hey, thanks for not flushing, grandma.

No, it’s cool, these kids can’t wait to be bogged down with your bullshit after you go. I’m sure they’ll write you a great legacy.

At any rate, it’s good to see fictional Nancy Pelosi take up the mantle that real-life Ruth Bader Ginsberg held aloft like Atlas.  Now if only she could manage to put America’s big, fat, stupid Leviathan into the appropriate prison cage in a celestial Gitmo before he does something else America overwhelmingly doesn’t want, that would be swell.

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