Obama Negotiates Deal with China for Black Businesses ONLY

The truth is right in front of you

Trade negotiations opened up today between a coalition of black-owned American businesses and the Chinese government.

The Black Business Betterfication Junto (BBBJ) sought out the former president to negotiate on their behalf, claiming “As an African immigrant himself, Obama better understands our needs.”

The ignorance shown here by both the BBBJ and the Chinese government is astounding. Only the federal government and federal government officials can handle negotiations with foreign governments.

The BBBJ is leaving itself virtually unprotected and open to contracting any number of indictments ranging from fraud to outright treason. 

Attorney General Barr was quick to react to the news. He seemed downright giddy realizing he could now add impersonating a federal employee to the long line of indictments already leveed against the disgraced former president. 

“When you’re trying to kill a snake, you cut off its head. The BBBJ is a long, venomous snake in the grass of the American economic landscape. By indicting Obama, we are cutting off the head of that snake.”

The peaceful transition of power from one administration to the next is a staple of our democracy. It is clear that Obama is having a difficult time since being voted out of office.

He can’t seem to relinquish his power and abide by the will of the American people. These “negotiations” serve as a glaring example of a broken man trying to hold on to his relevancy well past his prime. 

When the dust settles from these scam negotiations, the fallout will be swift. The BBBJ will be dissolved and Obama will be in federal prison.

But the true legacy of this farce will be the lasting damage it does to our relationship with the dangerous and diabolical foreign power that is China.

Sometimes, when we think we’re moving forward, we’re actually just stepping on our own BBCs.  

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