Millions in Biden Donations Found From ‘Soetero Industries’


With very few exceptions, it’s very hard to remain perfectly anonymous on the internet nowadays, and it’s getting progressively harder for someone to hide something like, for example, a false identity.  When President Trump began his political career, he was very critical of former President Barack Obama’s birth certificate, and those who took up investigating the cause found shocking similarities between it and a shadowy figure named : “Barry Soetero.”

President Trump’s supporters also believe that aliens created rap music.

The “Barry Soetero” conspiracy theory is still held as real to this very day by the absolute dumbest and most gullible of Trump’s collection of mentally cock-blasted followers.  Even though none of the public figures who humiliated themselves pretending to “investigate” the mystery under the label “birfers”, including such luminaries as the late Sheriff Joe Arpaio, pornographic film star Sarah Palin, handicapped Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann, and dental lawyer Oily Taints, have connected any real dots.

Conservative Asylum Doctor Joe Barron says the problem with “birfers” is that they’re nearly unthinkably batshit stupid.

“The whole Barry Soetero thing came when someone took Obama’s stepfther’s surname Soetero – and photoshopped it onto a Columbia school ID card, along with a photo taken from Obama’s book.  That’s literally it.  That set off a supposed American law enforcement official like Arpaio, a goddamn GOVERNOR, and a Congresswoman.  It’s really embarrassing.  And it’s not like any of their drooling sycophants have learned any better after time.  I mean they think Donald Trump is competent.  They’re not exactly going to be acing any IQ tests soon.  I’d bet against them being able to spell IQ.”

“Sometimes our pills make us see ghost penises. It’s very exciting.”

If all this is just nonsense invented to keep ignorant racists even more dickish, you might ask, then how did millions of dollars of campaign donations get into Joe Biden’s coffers?  They didn’t.  It’s more made up nonsense to prove how easy it is to make a trumptard believe absolutely impossible garbage.

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