Biden’s ‘Department of Socialism’ to Have Sanders at the Helm

The truth is right in front of you

As Biden’s team steamrolls through the transition process, right or wrong, news of the administration’s plans continues to get leaked. The latest is the appointment of Bernie Sanders as the Director of the Department of Socialism.

The DOS will be a new department that will oversee all social programs that take money from the American taxpayer and pass it to people in need. All welfare and food stamps will be issued from the DOS.

The first priority will be to slash the social security budget to fund the socialism.

Art Tubolls, spokesperson for Sanders had this to say:

“Bernie Sanders is a proud socialist. He has many ideas of how to play Robin Hood with the exceptional wealth in our country. This will pull the poorest of the poor up and provide them the bootstraps to fend for themselves.”

In addition to welfare and food, the DOS will also provide healthcare, roads, police, and fire services. The Department of Education will also fall under the DOS.

The Biden team is thrilled to have a true socialist on board to help guide the administration further to the left. AOC and all of the squad will also be on standby as senior advisors.

Not to be confused with Chet from “Weird Science,” Mitch McConnell weighed in saying he would not allow any such department to exist.

“We do not need to provide anything at all to the American people. Taxes collected are meant to serve the rich and only the rich. Sorry, Charlie. No funds for you. Not to worry though, we won’t lose a single vote for screwing over the average conservative American, because this is team sports and we are their team. Jerseys are expensive. And, since we keep them poor, they can’t really switch teams very easily.”

And, there you have it. I said what I said.

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