Biden’s 1976 Dodge Tradesman Van’s License Plate Raises Suspicions of Abuse

Since his meager beginnings in local government in Delaware in 1970, Joe Biden has always been a scoundrel. At a time when women were less likely to step forward regarding their abuse, Biden groped and sniffed his way to the city council of New Castle Delaware.

As his sexual perversions grew, so did his grip on power.  We now have a predator sitting atop the greatest throne the world has ever seen, the Presidency of the United States of America.

This is a disgrace. The only greater disgrace is that less than half of registered and illegal voters in America tolerate his behavior.

Those fighting against this abomination of our democracy now have a new gun in their arsenal. Pictures of Biden’s 1976 Dodge Tradesman van have recently been released by his estranged cousin Joe Barron-Biden, and the license plate on the van is raising more than a few eyebrows.

The license plate reads “FCKWGN.”

This is a clear attempt to get around the loosened regulations of 1976 personalized license plates to name his vehicle “F*ck Wagon.”

Cousin Joe Barron-Biden tells us,

“We used to roll that van up and down the streets of Wilmington.  We would pump ‘Love Rollercaoster’ on the stereo and the tang would come flocking towards us. Young, old, even chicks in their 30’s, we wouldn’t care. If the game was a’foot, we’d be hunting, and we bagged a lot of game.”

Barron-Biden went on to say, “There were few lines we wouldn’t cross, but one night in the back alley of a Friendly’s, Joe went down a path I couldn’t follow.  He netted this one trollop, and she was gorgeous.  Feathered blonde hair, blue eyes, high-waisted Gloria Vanderbilt jeans. This one was the kind you mounted on the wall of your game room.

But when she dropped her Vanderbilts, she was bald as an American eagle. She had less grass on her field than the Astros did.  I’m a man of style and fashion, and this definitely was in at the time.  I was appalled at what Joe did to her. It was like eating a taco with no lettuce.  I just couldn’t.  We’ve been estranged ever since.”

As “Fuck Wagongate unfolds, we are sure to learn more of the atrocities performed by our President in the back of his 1976 Dodge Tradesman. Patriots, stand down and stand by.

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