Biden Turns Blind Eye as Thousands Cross Mexican Border

Given the recent unrest at the Capitol, it is understandable the incoming Biden administration might be somewhat distracted over security concerns for the inauguration.

However, there are other issues that must be addressed during the transition, and Biden’s inability to multitask has left our southern border more wide open than Kamala Harris in an election year.

While Trump has been more than cooperative in overseeing a smooth transition of power, both tradition and the Constitution require certain policies to be implemented in conjunction with the incoming administration.

Immigration is paramount on that list of policies, and Biden has taken no action whatsoever. This has lead to an unprecedented and largely ignored mass exodus of Americans into Mexico.

Illegal American immigration to Mexico has been on the rise over the last four years. Many liberals fled there after Trump was elected fearing the implementation of sensible conservative social and economic policies.

It was a mass exodus that was referred to as the “Trail of Tears II”.  But now, we are seeing people from both sides of the political spectrum storm into Mexico. The reasons, however, are twofold.

Liberals who have left for Mexico over the last four years now find themselves joined by others who are choosing to move there temporarily.

They view it as a stop-gap until the Biden administration enacts more liberal policies and pacifies the white nationalists that have demonstrated escalated behavior over the past several months.  They liken it to moving out of the house for a few weeks while the terminator removes pests.

Conversely, conservatives are fleeing to Mexico in droves to escape prosecution by a tyrannical government, many of them having committed federal crimes in the name of freedom and justice. They refuse to be treaded on, and Mexico offers the closest tread-free environment in which they can thrive.

It has caused a boon in the “coyote” business, as they can now earn money by shuttling illegals both ways across the border. Some US citizens along our southern border are content giving their land to illegal Mexicans in exchange for safe passage to the new Land of the Free.

Concerns have been raised by the Mexican government over the influx of new illegals. Mexican President  Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said in a statement.

“In the last four years, we have been happy to receive Americans who have felt disenfranchised. They have come here as very positive contributors to our society.  But this new group of illegals give us cause for concern. They are racists who propagate inbreeding and sedition. They bastardize our cuisine and refuse to conform to our society. Most of them don’t even speak Spanish!”

Obrador says there is overwhelming support among the Mexican people for building a wall across the US border. 

This is essentially Trump’s campaign promise come true, and will go down as the longest-lasting and most meaningful portion of his legacy. Even when Trump loses the election, he, and the American people, still win.

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