Biden to Select Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State

The truth is right in front of you

The American people have suffered enough under the reign of Hillary’s America, from Benghazi, abortion, the financial crisis, and her emails, her corruption never ends. Now, Democrat Joe Biden is bringing her back to extend her reign of terror.

She will be filling her former position as Secretary of State.

Biden’s press secretary, Joe Barron, issues the following press release announcing the decision:

“This is a time of turmoil in America. We need principled people with experience, people that aren’t controversial in our cabinet, someone that inspires unity. That is why we are selecting someone with all of these qualities.

Hillary exemplifies what it means to be a true American patriot. She is someone that is selfless and puts others before herself. It is for these reasons that she will make an excellent Secretary of State once again. There is no doubt about that.”

Republicans, as expected, were outraged at this announcement, while also defending Trump inciting a riot. One such Republican, Joe Barron, issued the most scathing condemnation of the pick.

“What about her emails? As far as I’m concerned, she’s guilty of sedition. She sold us out to the liberal mob and that will never be forgotten. Worst of all, she killed four people in Benghazi. Imagine if Trump had blood on his hands? Democrats would be going nuts, rightfully so. But Republicans aren’t hypocrites,and if he did that, we would condemn him. Liberals don’t have the same morals that we do. They support and even embrace killers.

The American people rejected her in 2016. For that reason alone, she should be forever banished from public office.”

Republicans need to investigate Hillary and then investigate the investigators. She’s guilty of something, and if we keep looking, we will eventually find out what it is. This is the way of the Maga.

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