Biden to Defund the Department of Veterans Affairs

not even the spurriest of bone spurs will keep us safe

In a stunning move that only adds insult to injuries for many of our most brave Americans, President-Elect Joe Biden has announced that he will immediately defund the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. Millions of veterans and their families depend on the healthcare and benefits the VA provides.

Cutting off these essential services will create great hardship for some, and a virtual death sentence for others.

“They knew what they were signing up for.” 

These were the callous words spoken by Biden when asked how he could possibly do this to our veterans. As if the mental and physical scars incurred in the battle to secure our freedom and big oil interests weren’t enough, this final shot across the bow of our retired troops sends a clear message to all former, current, and potential future military:  The Democratic Party does not care about you.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi doubled down on Biden’s gambit saying she will put forth legislation that redirects VA funding to provide healthcare to undocumented immigrants. 

“These illegals are the backbone of our society. Without their indentured servitude, our economy would be in ruins. Many of our essential businesses such as nail salons, restaurants, and landscaping would simply not survive. We need these workers healthy and robust.”

Outrage has broken out amongst our troops both home and abroad. Marine Colonel Nathan Jessup, who is in charge of the ground forces stationed in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, tells us,

“Biden’s actions are that of a coward. He weeps for China and illegals and curses our veterans. While our existence may appear grotesque to him, he wants us on that wall.  He needs us on that wall. I’d rather he just leave the VA alone and thanked us for the freedom we provide.”

The bottom line is the Democratic Party is a threat to our freedom and sovereignty. The decision to defund the VA not only makes recruitment more difficult, but it may also pave the way to reintroducing the draft. If this happens, not even the spurriest of bone spurs will keep us safe.

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