Biden to Close Pearl Harbor

Wartime memorials are an integral part of American history.  From the Halls of Montezuma, to the shores of Tripoli, our landscape is riddled with reminders of the sacrifices our military has made in defense of our freedom.

Pearl Harbor, in Hawaii, is perhaps our most sacred monument. Still serving as a naval base, it was the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor that thrust the United States into World War II, effectively saving the world from the tyranny of the nazis despite what Russia had already done.

Now, President Biden wants to close that national treasure and sell the land to the Chinese.

In announcing the decision, President Biden said, “We simply don’t need it as a military base anymore. No country in their right mind would ever attack Hawaii again.  Everyone loves to go there on vacation, mostly the Asians. We have nothing to fear from our Chinese benefactors…I mean, our Chinese allies.”

Semen First Class Ben Affleck, a survivor of the attack on Pearl Harbor, is distraught over the decision. “So much of our military history is embedded in that base. They even filmed the war classic “Battleship” there, starring the great Taylor Kitsch and Rihanna. I was kind of hoping they would hook up, but Taylor ended up banging Brooklyn Decker.”

Even the Japanese are outraged over the pending sale.

Japanese prime minister Yoshihide Suga laments, “Pearl Harbor was our sacking of Rome. It was the pinnacle of our modern military conquests. If it is removed, we will be left with nothing but shame. The descendants of those who brought us victory at Pearl Harbor would choose death over this shame.”

Biden’s disregard for our military becomes more evident each day he is in office. The news of Pearl Harbor comes on the heels of his announcement to close Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, effectively surrendering our foothold in the communist empire.

Then again, strengthening communism seems to be Biden’s primary goal.

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