Biden Says He ‘Loves Children More Than Mr. Rogers’

The truth is right in front of you

In another creepy revelation, we found out that, former Vice President Joe Biden has been caught on tape saying that, “he didn’t really care who Mr. Rogers was, he’s always,‘loved’ kids anyway.”

“C’mon man, everyone loves kids don’t they? Theres gotta be something wrong with you if you don’t like kids. Hell, the smell of them is just so sweet. I just love it!

Try it yourself man, it’s intoxicating. I’d make a billon dollars if I could sell kiddy stank aromatherapy!

I’ll let you smell my secretary’s kid in the daycare today and you can tell me what you think.”

The lame-stream media has hailed Biden as something like a Mr. Rogers figure, whom we all grew up with, teaching us kids basic civics and manners.

What will Biden teach them?

If children are our future then Biden is the antithesis of that and he has to be stopped. The tape went on, as one of his staffers asked,” did he know the media are selling his persona as America’s Mr. Rogers?”

The tape went muffled and we heard heavy breathing as if his nose was in an item of children’s clothing,

“I didn’t know him, never watched him on the TV, but if he liked children as much as I do then it’s only obvious I should be looked upon as an icon of American decency.

I must be better than Mr Rogers, as I can reach out to children from my basement! It’s the future and who can blame me for it?

I just love the aroma of children! They’re our future voters man! C’mon, it’s only a little sniff! Lemme’ have just one more!”

The sound went dead and there wasn’t any more to add only that the child in the room must have been getting sniffed heavily and it wasn’t very pretty either.

If we allow these serial sniffers into our schools and let them just get a whiff of our children, they’ll be voting liberal and that cannot happen!

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