Biden Rescinds Rush Limbaugh’s Medal of Freedom

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Legendary conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh sadly passed away Tuesday at his home in Hells Canyon, Georgia after a years-long battle with lung cancer. While conservatives across the country began to mourn the iconic pundit, liberals quickly took to social media, spewing insensitive vitriol towards Limbaugh and his family.

We would expect nothing less from his uneducated left-wing detractors, but I think we all assumed President Biden, or at least his handlers, would be bright enough to not take the action he did. Biden rescinded (took back) Limbaugh’s Medal of Freedom.

Limbaugh’s Medal of Freedom, awarded to him by President Trump in April 2020, was the crowning achievement of his long and storied career. It was a confirmation of a lifetime’s worth of work fighting for our basic American freedoms.

He vigorously defended our country from such seditionists as B. Hussein Obama, Al Franken, and Alyssa Milano. He was so passionate about his causes and views that he dabbled in opioids so as to better understand the plight of the addict.

Now, President Biden wants to erase this hero’s legacy from the American lexicon.

“Presidents give the Medal of Freedom, so only presidents can take them away. Rush was a blowhard and a dumb one at that. He thought he was clever with all his hot takes, but he’s no more educated than the adult diapers I’m currently wearing. He popped more pills than a Pez dispenser, all while puffing on his fake Cuban cigars. He had a body built for radio. He was a disgusting tub-a-lard. The man did more to hurt radio in America than disco.”

Disgusting. It is absolutely disgusting that a sitting president would speak so illy of the freshly dead. I’m sure Limbaugh would roll over in his grave hearing this if he wasn’t already buried face down.

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