Biden Proposes To Legalize 4th Trimester Abortion

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In what is being considered a move to further radicalize the left, Democratic candidate Joe Biden is proposing to legalize 4th trimester abortions should he be elected. He says it’s a long-overdue decision and would serve to “celebrate the legacy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.” 

An announcement like this just weeks before the election is a clear sign that the Democrats know they are losing. It’s an act of desperation by a drowning candidate. 

To put the lives of fetuses in danger is both reckless and immoral. Politicizing it is reprehensible. 

Proponents of the decision cite women’s health as the main reason 4th-trimester abortion should be legalized. Longtime abortion practitioner and enthusiast Samantha Beasley of the Oasis Abortion Clinic & Day Spa in Lower Manhattan’s SoHo district says,

“The 4th trimester is widely regarded as the most dangerous trimester during pregnancy. It’s when the need to abort is at its greatest.” 

This silly position is countered by educated Christians who know that a woman’s life and health are dictated only by the will of God. 

Patsy Kamala Harris is, of course, in full support of this decision.  She told reporters,

“If 4th-trimester abortions were legal during my child-rearing years, I would have had at least two more.”  

Dennis Tillerson of the pro-life activist group Women Against American Abortions tells us, “I believe the children are our future. We must teach them well and let them lead the way, show them all the beauty they possess inside. ” 

More true words have never been spoken. 

If we continue down the path of unwarranted and uncontrolled abortion, we will eventually lose our identity as Americans. Protecting the lives of unborn Americans is more than just a civic duty. It is our responsibility as men to the future of humanity. 

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