Biden Proposes $50M in Reparations for Each Separated Migrant Child

The truth is right in front of you

A recent independent report has revealed that 545 migrant children, who were separated from their parents, have still not been reunited with their parents because the United States has no idea where they are.

Bleeding heart liberals everywhere are incensed that the United States government willfully set out to destroy families who were just looking for a better life.

No, scratch that.  Decent people everywhere are angry about this, which leaves out most modern-day conservatives.

Joe Biden has pledged to use the full resources of the United States government to find the parents and reunite each family.  He also understands that irreparable damage has been caused by the evil actions of Donald Trump and his cronies and that the children and their families must be compensated.

“We’re going to use all of our resources to reunite these families.  These are just kids, man.  They didn’t ask for this.

This shouldn’t ever be how we do things and it’s going to stop on my watch.  We’re going to make sure these families are taken care of.  $50 million dollars per child should do it.  We also understand that if they stay in their own home countries that this money will make them huge targets so we’re going to give them the option to become full citizens too.

I’ve heard some people say that these families got what they had coming to them and that we owe them nothing.  I say that if you’re for family separation and creating terror then you ain’t American.”

Biden has been working with independent Constitutional lawyers and House Democrats to craft a bill that will make the full resources of the United States available to find the parents and reunite the families.

Unlike most Conservatives, he understands that this nation is capable of doing many things simultaneously without compromising essential functions, such as rebuilding the worst economy since the Great Depression and reducing the impact of the pandemic, and ultimately eliminating it.

The first order of business is to make America good again.  These reparations are a small step in that direction.

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