Biden Plans To Increase Mental Health Spending ‘So We Can Have Trump’s Base Committed’

Every Democrat administration of the past century has made massive cuts to mental health services in the United States. They’ve done so against all conventional advice and the results of the cuts have been catastrophic.

Increased crime, surges in suicide…no good has come from neglecting the mentally ill.

But now Joe Biden has promised to “greatly increase the federal budget with regard to mental health, with emphasis on the creation of millions more mental health facilities.”

His motives for this generosity are not in any way decent. They are quite grotesque, as he explained yesterday at an intimate campaign fundraising orgy in New Orleans:

“The way I see it, these people… I actually hesitate to say people because they’re not really that anymore. They’re nothing more than two-faced spit-lickers now. They lost their humanity. They’re animals.

And we can’t have these subhuman animals roaming the streets. That would be destructive and dangerous to decent Americans. You know who the decent Americans are, right? Haha! That is correct!

So what do we do with all these dangerous lunatics? We can’t jail them. Not only would that seem unconstitutional, it would be inhumane. These beings aren’t like the rest of us. To put it bluntly, they aren’t quite sane. There’s no other way to explain both their vote for Trump and their continued support for him.

So what do we do with the mentally ill who pose a danger to themselves or others? That’s right. We stick them in the loony bin.

That’s why, when I am president, mental health services in the form of new booby hatches will have a massive increase in our budget. And if you haven’t guessed already, the reason for this is simple. We need somewhere to put Trump’s base, wing nuts that they are.”

This seems to be a common theme amongst Democrats. They all want to propose removing those who supported Trump from American life.

This is what kind of people they are. They are not true Americans.

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