Biden Plans to Enforce Iranian Arrest Warrant on Trump

The truth is right in front of you

Iran recently announced that they have put a ludicrous arrest warrant out for President Trump for assassinating one of their generals. Not only is their action unconstitutional, but it is also illegal. Iran has no business meddling in our affairs as that is something only America can do according to the law. Despite this arrest warrant being illegal, Joe Biden has vowed to enforce it if elected President.

During an interview with the Dunning-Kruger Times, Biden laid out his plan to cooperate with Iranian authorities in the arrest of Donald Trump:

“What Trump did was absolutely heinous. I fully support Iran’s decision and will fully cooperate with them on day one of my presidency. As soon as Trump steps foot out of the White House on his last day, I will instruct the FBI and Interpol to arrest him. His days are numbered. I hate that guy more than I hate ol’ Corn Pop. And I hate Corn Pop.”

These are the words of treason. Not only is Biden threatening the sitting President, he is encouraging a violent revolt against the Constitution. Not to mention, he is announcing that he will be cooperating with a foreign power that is our enemy, much like Trump has done with Russia.

Republican Joe Barron has vowed to impeach Biden before the election to ensure that he can’t have Trump arrested. This isn’t possible, but it sounds like a good idea. Biden will not get away with his evil plot.

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