Biden, Pelosi & Schumer Vow To Expand SCOTUS, Appoint Obama, Clinton

dems are at it again

President Elect Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer released a joint statement over the weekend slamming President Trump’s decision to appoint a successor to recently deceased Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. It reads:

“We strongly condemn the callous actions of President Donald Trump. Ruth Bader Ginsberg has not even been laid to rest yet, and he is already salivating to replace her.

Joe Biden will be the next President of the United States, and the Democrats will retain the House and recapture the Senate. President Trump should bow to the wishes of the American people and yield the appointment to the incoming president, just as we had to do in 2016.

Should President Trump choose to make good on his blatant hypocritical threat, the first order of business in both the House and the Senate after Joe Biden’s inauguration will be to expand the Supreme Court by at least two seats, and possibly four.

This is our right under the constitution and we intend to exercise that right. So with this statement we are officially announcing that President Biden’s first two appointments will be Hillary Clinton and former President Barack Obama..

Both are infinitely more qualified than the two shills he has appointed so far, especially that drunken womanizer Brett Kavanaugh.”

The statement goes on to say that if the new congress decides that the Supreme Court will be expanded by four seats, President elect Biden will announce two additional appointments.

Interviewed late Saturday by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Trump surrogate Joe Barron was furious:

“How dare they try to obstruct the President! President Trump has the right to do whatever he wants. He is still the president, at least until Joe Biden is inaugurated. Until then, we have the ball.”

And that, my fellow Potatriots, is that. The gloves are off.

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