Biden: ‘I Will Pardon the Entire Obama Family on Day One’

The truth is right in front of you

Joe Biden was Barack Obama’s Vice President for eight corrupt years.  The Obama administration excelled at enriching the former President and Vice President with assorted violations of the Emoluments Clause.

Michelle Obama repeatedly plagiarized speeches given by other First Ladies, especially those given by her immediate predecessor Laura Bush.

Even Sasha and Malia Obama have run afoul of the law several times during their father’s administration and beyond.

Attorney General William Barr has several investigations into the entire family, including the recently concluded Obamagate trial that was chronicled by America’s Last Line of Defense’s own Fallis Gunnington.

And the whole family is going to get away with all of it because Joe Biden has pledged to pardon the entire family as soon as he takes the Oath of Office.

As expected, Biden’s campaign manager Art Tubolls denied everything.

“You people must really be running out of things to write about. Everything you said at the beginning of this article described Donald Trump, Melania Trump, and George W. Bush’s daughters. I get that nothing you write is true and that you are just waiting to jump on the ignorant fools who spew their uneducated hatred at Barack Obama and his family because of their own blind confirmation bias.

The problem is that those gullible rubes vote. Despite the fact that they probably all lost their jobs because of Trump’s handling of the pandemic, they believe that the entire world conspired to release a deadly virus to get Trump removed from office.

Like I said, I understand. Trump supporters are among the dumbest people on the planet and you’re gonna get a lot of laughable reactions and comments from those morons every time this article is seen.”

The only laughable thing is that Tubolls thinks Trump supporters are stupid, especially since they are the only patriots we have left in America.

Unnamed sources have confirmed that the Executive Order is ready to go and will be signed immediately after Biden would take office.

Fortunately, we have Attorney General William Barr on the job, who should wrap up the indictments before the election, which is expected to be another landslide in favor of our Dear Leader, Donald Trump.

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