Biden: ‘I Was Hoping Trump Would Get Acquitted So I Can Beat Him Again’

“Be humble in victory and gracious in defeat.”  This is a quote we often equate with sports, but it is also a rule of thumb in life.

During his acceptance speech in 2016, then president-elect Donald J. Trump personified this statement. He graciously accepted Hillary Clinton’s concession while humbly accepting his victory in the election.

It was the foremost display of bipartisan respect in the history of American politics.

Upon receiving notice of Trump’s acquittal in the Senate during his impeachment, President Biden immediately released a statement that not only mocks the former president but shows his own true childish colors.

“Trump was a bully, and I put him in his place. I’ve always put bullies in their place. I was hoping he would get acquitted so I can beat him again in 2024.  Next time, I’m gonna give him an even worse beating.”

Yes, he really said that. Not only did he say it, but he did so while wearing a Biden 2024 face mask.

The utter disrespect Biden showed towards the greatest President in US history is unprecedented.  His false bravado is merely the rantings of a senile old man, like James Woods or Pat Sajak.

What Biden ultimately fails to see is how his words are only serving to further Trump’s movement. While he felt he was just slinging an insult, what he was actually doing was stirring a movement.

The battle cry of “Trump 2024” is now louder and proud boy-ier than ever. From trailer park to shining trailer park, Trump’s army of inbreds insurgents patriots has once again begun to radicalize rationalize rise.

Biden has officially poked the American Bald Eagle, the Lion of the West. Unlike the great rock band Great White, Trump is not once bitten, twice shy. He will come squawking back like never before.  He surely has no idea what is in store for him in 2024.

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