Biden Furious About All The Attention Bernie Is Getting

Oh, He Mad.

Joe Biden says he’s been preparing his entire life to become President of the United States. First, he had to sit second-chair to the first black president. Then he had to give up his chance to run because Hillary said it was her turn.

Now that it IS finally his turn, he is having to give up his limelight during the inaugural honeymoon, the most special part of the presidency, to none other than that damned Bernie Sanders.

Biden told his team of all-female and transgender advisors:

“It’s bad enough that he showed up dressed in that L.L. Bean ensemble — did he have no respect to at least dress a little? But now his meme is taking over the internet like he’s the new president! I just can’t win! I’m going to have to ban something just to get them to notice me again! Even Fox is talking about Bernie!”

Bernie acting like it was all about him.

Tensions are high in the Oval Office as the newly appointed president is spending his time raving and ranting about the social media activities.

Sandy Batt, Biden’s executive assistant observed his behavior all morning. She had this to say:

“I knew Joe was salty first thing this morning when he insisted his honey bun was cold. I had just nuked that thing in the breakroom microwave for a good 30 seconds. The honey glaze was bubbling for Pete’s sake! But, he was cranky and nothing would please him.”

It’s yet to be known what Biden plans to ban. It could be guns, free speech, confederate monuments, shopping. He’s kind of a mad man that way.

Jill Biden was shocked that such a thing was being said about her husband. In a statement to the press, she said:

“In the last two days, Joe has done more work on getting the pandemic under control than Trump spent in the last year. Do you really think he cares about internet memes? C’mon! Also, honey buns? Really? He doesn’t eat that crap!”

And there you have it. More lies from the first lady. Some doctor she is.

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