Biden Campaign Plops Hillary Clinton in Front Row For Presidential Debate

The first of the Presidential debates for The President and the Democratic nominee, V.P. Joe Biden will begin tonight, in a historic battle between conservatism and the enemy, liberalism.

Yet again, the democrats are pulling strings, to try and put are president off his game by booking, “that woman,” in the front row of the audience tonight, Hillary Roddan Clinton.

The President’s likelihood of winning has been impacted, by the below the belt strategy.

Our President was asked if he would even turn up now that he knows that HRC will be watching him like a hawk?

“Who said Hillary was in the audience tonight? It’s the first time I’ve heard of this and I should’ve been told, y’know, like because I’m like The President!?

Who’s had the lists of people who were going to be in the audience? Damn, I didnt know that, no, I never did hear that and I think this is disastrous, not only for the shows ratings but it’s really going to affect me turning up tonight.

Can you tell me who told the press this and I will deal with him, or even her I don’t care this is very low effort on the persons behalf I can tell you!”

Our big beautiful President was visibly shaken by the info that Hillary Clinton was to be seated in the front row, while he was debating Joe Biden. Sources close to the President felt as though he was going to keel over at one point but he was caught by three secret service men when Trump slipped on his grip on reality.

The White House has been in touch with the secret service and asked if the seating could be rearranged so that Hillary wouldn’t be seen by the President while the debate was in full swing. However, the Biden campaign was not able to comment on the dubious seating arraignments they booked for the show.

Joe Biden was talking off-camera and we got these exclusive transcripts of the conversation from the original V.T.

“I want this guy Trump to be visibly shocked, you know like a rabbit in the corvettes headlights or, whatever, did you see me drives that thing shiiit, c’mon you know what I’m talking about, man!?

Get Hills’ on the panel or what about, in the audience man! C’mon, man! I can get him on a question about his golfing stroke man! My questions will blow him out of that thing man, well you know it’ll knock him dead!

Biden will stop at nothing to defeat are President, either by foul means or, mind games! The deep state is clearly involved with this as it has all the hallmarks screwed on. There’s been a few thousand Q-tips posted on our message board. It’s believed that this may be the work of Soros!

There will be an inquiry into this disgusting behavior by the Democrats! We the people will not let her forget Benghazi and Uranium two, and all the murders she has committed.

I tried to get in touch with the TV station holding the debates. They told me, they will only speak to real journalists! Then kindly told me to f–ck off! I Call that “triggered,” for calling their bullsh*t out!

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