Biden Bans Charcoal Grills as Part of Green New Deal

Smile for me daddy. Let me see your grill.

Apple pie, baseball, and hamburgers. That is what America is all about. But the backyard barbecue during the big game may soon be a thing of the past as Joe Biden has introduced a bill that would place an outright ban on charcoal and charcoal accessories such as grills.

This is all part of the sweeping environmental regulations that are a part of the so-called “green new deal,” which is anything but new. This form of communism has been around for decades in countries such as China and North Korea.

In a press release announcing the plan, Deputy White House Press Secretary, Joe Barron, said the following:

“Global warming is the greatest threat to America and the world. If we do not take drastic action, the damage will be severe and it will be irreversible.

The first step the President has decided to take as part of the Green New Deal is the banning of charcoal usage, especially charcoal grills. On average, each charcoal grills produce 20 metric tons of CO2 yearly. This is simply unsustainable and needs to be put to an end.

This is the first step of many to slow the climate crisis. Next will be the banning of non-electric vehicles and cigarettes, which also heavily contribute to pollution and global warming.”

This plan is simply un-American! Who is the government to tell me how to grill? They can’t force us to cook with flavorless propane grills. That is an affront to freedom itself! And then what happens once they decide to ban propane? It will be essentially illegal to cook at that point.

This is a very dangerous slippery slope to be heading down. Imaginary government overreach has gone too far.

“Smile for me daddy. Let me see your grill. Ya, ya grill ya, ya, ya grill.”

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