Barr Submits Arrest Warrants For Obama And Clinton Over Benghazi Emails

The Truth Is Right There In Front Of You

The DOJ’s William Barr has submitted arrest warrants for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama over emails pertaining to the Benghazi tragedy that happened in 2012. The arrest warrants stem from the contents of emails that have been uncovered in recent days concerning the Benghazi attacks.

Assistant to Mr. Barr, attorney Joseph Barron says this is a massive breakthrough on the 8-year-old case, one that has been dogging Clinton and her use of private email servers where 33,000 emails have been thought to be lost. The DOJ used a special encryption software company to extract the 33,000 emails. The contents are, to say the least, disturbing.

The emails, that have never been uncovered until now, deal with a variety of topics. One of which explains pineapple on pizza, another is an argument over the use of raisins in potato salad, which was a pretty heated argument between Obama and Clinton. Other emails contained the benefits of listening to Nickleback, to which Obama was adamant in requesting an attack on Canada for. Michelle has talked him out of it, reminding him Canada was allowed one crappy band after they produced Rush.

While none of the emails had anything to do with Benghazi, or anything that would raise concerns over any national security issues, Barr thinks this could be a way to distract Americans from the Russia bounties that were placed on American soldiers that Dear Glorious Leader Donald Trump simply ignored, and then continued his relationship with Putin over.

Trump tried to distract the American people by trying to protect confederate statues and retweeting fellow racists, but it didn’t work. The story is still out there and gaining traction.

Sean Hannity will be interviewing Dear Glorious Leader Trump later on the emails, with Hannity once again trying to lead Trump in a way that will be the least embarrassing for him.

Maybe then, if Hannity can provide a way to make the emails seem horrifying, the Trump faithful will have some ammunition to “own the libs” from their basements

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