Barr Investigating Soros Over Lincoln Project Funding

The truth is right in front of you

A confidential memo authored by United States Attorney General William Barr was released that shows that George Soros is being investigated for his $413 million contributions to fund The Lincoln Project. The sole mission of The Lincoln Project is to have our Great President removed from office by any means necessary, even if it means getting Joe Biden elected.

Soros, who has funded thousands of liberal causes, has been the sworn enemy of American ideals ever since he was a Nazi soldier in the early 1940s. After the war, he snuck aboard a trans-Atlantic shipping vessel and planted roots in the United States, funded with $100,000 ($19,000,000 in today’s dollars) of Nazi gold.

George Soros funded anti-Vietnam War protests, has promoted communism and has had literally millions of protesters on his payroll over the past 70 years, however, it is the latest anti-American act of funding The Lincoln Project that will finally be his undoing.

Senator Tom Cotton’s spokesman Joe Barron spoke with Sean Hannity on Fox’s Hannity.

“For some reason, we’ve never been able to even charge Soros with any crimes. The liberals and Democrats have done a great job of protecting him. But now, thanks to an obscure 1958 law put on the books by patriot Joseph McCarthy that we just now learned about, any activity that could be interpreted as supporting communism is prosecutable.

Joe Biden is being controlled by the far-left. The far-left dreams of a communist state. President Trump is all that stands between us and becoming a communist country. The Lincoln Project seeks to take down our Dear Leader. George Soros is funding The Lincoln Project.

What else do you need? We’re finally going to take him down for good.”

As Barron indicated, additional sources claim that Barr is close to issuing an indictment against Soros that should lead to a life sentence and a full confiscation of assets, that, by law will go toward the President’s reelection campaign.

President Trump has made the hard decisions that have helped to Make America Great Again like bringing William Barr on board. The end of the Soros reign of terror is near.

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