Aunt Jemima Being Replaced By Transgender ‘Aunt Tifa’ in Order to be More ‘Inclusive’

The truth is right in front of you

The left has made it their goal to “cancel” any and all things that offend their delicate sensibilities. One of their biggest cancelations of the year has been the renaming of the “racist” Aunt Jemima pancake syrup.

Now, the new name has finally been revealed, and as expected, panders to their degenerate leftist base. The once-beloved pancake syrup is now going to be called Aunt Tifa, who is said to be a transgender African-American woman who is CEO of the ANTIFA Corporation.

Joe Barron, Professor of Marketing at the University of Dunning-Kruger, had this to say about the announcement:

“This move seems to be a smart one as the younger generations make up the majority of the marketplace. The influence of the boomers is dying off, so naturally, companies will start to pay less attention to them, instead focusing on the younger population.

Since racism isn’t as popular with the younger crowd, the syrup company has decided to no longer use racist imagery in their product. It was a good idea to use ANTIFA imagery, as fighting against fascists is popular amongst millennials and Gen Z.

Boomers typically endorse fascism and fascist regimes, so the choice probably won’t be popular with that segment, but no one really cares about them anymore since their influence is thankfully dying off.”

This decision is an affront to American morality. How dare we expose our children to such vile things? They need to be raised as snowflakes, not exposed to the real world. Not to mention its disrespectful to black folk! They are trying to erase black history with this renaming.

We need to line up our moral compasses to that of our Godly leaders such as President Trump. He is a man of God that we should all look to emulate in our daily lives.

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