Ashley Biden’s Diary Proves Ties To CCP

The truth is right there in front of you.

Ashley Biden, daughter to Joe and Jill Biden, is a mysterious young lady. Or shall we say, was a mysterious young lady. Conservative hero James O’Keefe and Project Veritas recently came across the younger Biden’s diary, and boy, oh boy, it would seem that everything Trump ever said about the Biden family was spot on.

The diary, which James O’Keefe just so happen to stumble upon by accident, is chock full of personal details about Ashley, her brother Hunter and her father, Joe Biden. So many details about the secretive Biden clan that have never been unearthed, until now. Many in conservative circles believe that O’Keefe is a conservative genius, and for good reason. His exposés have done a number to liberal groups and causes, but this, this may be the grand enchilada. This exposes the Biden family and their love for the CCP.

Ashley Biden had written in great detail the connections of the Biden family and CCP. Things that you just can’t believe. Such as Joe Biden’s love for TAB. Nobody under 900 years old even knows what TAB is, but Biden was a staunch supporter. He’d have a TAB 3 times a day. Lunch, dinner, and for a mid day pick me up. When TAB was discontinued, he switched over to Diet Coke, but drank much less, as TAB has that horrid flavor so many senior citizens over.

Hunter himself loved Coke. Plain old Coke. Nothing like Coke, Hunter would say. It’s like he was addicted to the stuff! Jill was partial to the fruitier flavors of the teas and other products they produced. But one thing was certain. CCP was prevalent in the Biden household. Even Ashley partakes, she’s partial to the Cherry Zero Sugar variety. That’s right. The Biden family has ties to Coca-Cola products.

James O’Keefe, being the genius he is, literally stole the diary, hoping to dig up some dirt on the Biden family. Nothing is sacred to a boy like him. Not even a young lady’s diary. And he’d have gotten away with it too, if he hadn’t have tried to give it back after he learned there was nothing of any substance in the diary. So, just like with everything that he’s done, this is a massive failure too. What a dumbass. But one day, one day they might find something, anything on Joe Biden, and Trump will be reinstated and everything will be right with the world. God bless America and let’s go Brandon.

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