N.B.A. Players to Wear Arabic Numbers As Protest


In these modern times, protests against things like police brutality and perceived racism have become commonplace.  Kneeling during the national anthem during sports events was the first outlet used by the stars of professional sports to raise awareness of the severity of their belief of the magnitude of the problems, a public media billboard.

Now comes a new wrinkle as stars of the National Basketball Association announced that they will be taking action to represent the most recent of police killings by overuse of force by wearing only Arabic numerals on their uniforms.  (Basketball players are very often black.)

Lakers legend LeBron James is reportedly trading in his 23 for the middle eastern alternative “twenty-a-three, may it please Allah.”

Outcry from the kneeling business was formidable as the inherently racist elderly Trump crowd of petulant dingleberries immediately confused the protest with disrespect for the military and the country somehow, equating “un-American” activity with not standing for the anthem, as opposed to, say, welcoming political aid from communist Russia and bowing at their feet.

Substitute managing coach of California’s Golden State Warriors Joe Barron, says this new show of attitude is a more subtle cry, aimed at keeping the often violent trumptarded at bay.

“This year had really driven the Dum Dum Cult into kaniptions, what with them full-on attacking the Capitol, crying about the loss of their pet failpresident, the Dr. Suess, potato heads, the whole shebang.  We know they’re would tighter than Jim Jordan at the Y, and a cop actually suffering consequences for murder probably has them nutty.

The wanton murdering under the banner of ‘they should have followed orders faster’ hasn’t ended, however.  So, attention needs to be paid.  Hopefully Arabic numerals will work, since it’s really an effective spotlight on those who are really pants-shittingly stupid.”

“Black AND Arabic? I’m gonna need a special effects budget for THIS report.”

The change in the uniforms will affect every team in the NBA, and will begin with the upcoming season.  Just by word of mouth, hundreds of angry rifgt wing bumbletwats are already shouting about “boycotting” the sport they don’t watch in the first place because they’re inherently bigoted.

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