AOC’s ‘Green New Deal’ Responsible for Deadly Wildfires

It's a communist disaster!

The Green New Deal, as it’s called by progressive Democrats, is a disaster in more ways than one. Not only is it terrible for the economy, only adding 10 million jobs to the economy each year, but the plan is also terrible for the environment itself.

Case in point is the current scourge of wildfires on the west coast. These fires were reportedly started by a faulty solar panel, something that the Green New Deal would add more of.

If solar panels can cause fire, then logically the more solar panels you have, the more wildfires you will get. It’s only logical.

Captain Joe Barron of the Oregon State Fore Department talked to our reporters about the solar panel incident:

“You hear all these great things about solar and wind power, but no one seems to talk about the consequences of clean energy. First of all, windmills cause cancer. The President said so himself. If that’s not bad enough, they also kill bald eagles that fly into the windmill blades.

Then you have solar panels. They are a fire hazard. If there are no clouds out, they absorb too much light from the sun, causing them to overheat and then oftentimes they will explode, causing a devastating fire.

Nuclear power plants have none of these drawbacks. When was the last time you saw a nuclear plant start a forest fire? That’s right. Never. They are much safer than solar panels and windmills.

And then you have the biggest drawback of solar that no one seems to talk about. What do you do when it’s dark outside? There’s no sunlight to charge the panels, so you won’t have electricity. That’s just stupid.”

Captain Barron made some good points, all of which are conveniently left out by the liberal media. It’s almost like they have an agenda or something.

Luckily for us, Republicans don’t have any interest in coal and oil companies, so we can trust them and their decision-making, as they have no financial interests in these fields.

Say no to solar and wind and say yes to nuclear and coal – – the power of the future!

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