AOC’s ‘Green New Deal’ Is Causing Power Outages In Northeast

The truth is right in front of you

There is currently a village in Puerto Rico that is missing an idiot. That idiot is Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, and she is missing because she immigrated to the U.S. and became a representative from New York.

Her bizarre and reckless ideas are straight out of a science fiction movie. Every time she opens her equine-like mouth, people cringe. She appears to have extra teeth, and her lips seem to lack the ability to fully converge on each other.

She may very well be unable to use a straw properly. All these defects, however, are no excuse for the outright tragedy being caused by her proposed environmental policy, the “Green New Deal.”

It is a policy based on untested science and wrought with practices that would generate almost unlimited funding for so-called “clean energy” companies, all of whom constantly line her pockets.

From worthless wind turbines, that have actually been proven to cause cancer amongst the ill-informed, to the myth of solar power, AOC has an entire generation of liberals basically believing in magic.

The recent storms that recently brought tremendous power outages to Texas have now reached the Northeast. As sure as the proposed deal brought down the Texas power grid, it is now beginning to wreak havoc in New York,  New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Vermont.

Millions are suffering in the dark and cold.

While the Green New Deal is still just a proposed policy and has not been implemented in any way, the mere notion of it is causing irreparable harm.

The millions suffering in anticipation of what will most likely never come deserve better from our elected officials.  The threat to traditional power sources puts our national security at risk.

Natural gas, coal, and nuclear energy are the backbone of electricity in America.  To renounce them in the name of renewable resources costs us millions of jobs.

A windmill gets erected once. A coal miner can remain erect until he dies of lung cancer. That takes years. AOC would rob him of that reward.

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