AOC Wants to Reduce Nocturnal Emissions, Calls for Tax on Top 1% of Producers

Dems always want to punish success

AOC has been calling for a reduction in greenhouse gases ever since she was elected. She doesn’t care how much it would cost multinational faceless corporations to do such a thing. It is clear she does not understand economics as all her ideas are pie-in-the-sky hoopla that will hurt poor people. However, her latest proposal is even more ridiculous.

AOC is calling for a reduction in nocturnal emissions and she gave a speech to her supporters on how she plans to accomplish this goal:

“This country has a huge nocturnal emission problem. Every night, these emissions cause countless dollars in damages, damaging bedsheets, linens, and undergarments.

The environmental impact of washing these fabrics cannot be understated. The top 1 percent of nocturnal emitters are responsible for 50 percent of the emissions. That is wasting billions of gallons of water and detergent. It must end.

That is why I’m proposing a tax on these foul polluters. This top 1 percent will pay a tax of 500 dollars a month a that will go towards environmental causes. This will reduce the impact of nocturnal emissions by 60 percent.”

Republican Joe Barron is arguing against the tax:

“Last time I checked this is America. And if I want to put out nocturnal emissions, then that’s my right! This tax is just more government overreacharound by AOC and the Democrats.”

He is absolutely correct about that. AOC needs to leave us alone. If we are that desperate and produce these emissions, then we have the right to do so. It’s our first amendment right!

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