AOC Wants Milk Boycotted, Calling Its White Color ‘A Symbol Of Oppression’

The truth is right in front of you

There seems to be nothing too ridiculous for Democrats to attack as part of their ‘woke’ agenda. They have already made every attempt to erase the entire history of America by toppling statues left and right, and are rewriting our dictionaries by banning words all willy-nilly.

Now the leader of the woke cancel culture movement, Miss Alexandria Occasional-Cortez herself, is taking the lunacy one step further. Her latest target is in the grocery store.

She doesn’t want a product name changed or a logo removed though. No, Cortez is targeting the dairy shelf.

She wants a boycott of milk.

You read that right. AOC is now trying to have people stop buying milk. She points to its NATURAL color, saying that it is a “symbol of colonial oppression” because it is not offered in a wider variety of hues, but only that of the “European invaders”.

She further explained this madness to a crowd of her idiot supporters yesterday:

“European oppression is so ingrained in America. We see it everywhere. Anything white is perceived to be good and angelic. Anything black is thought to be evil. This is a major element to the systemic racism that is a part of American life.

Take milk. Milk is sold to the public through marketing campaigns that point to it ‘doing a body good’. Dairy farmers point out all the benefits that drinking milk brings to our health. GOOD. Milk is GOOD.

You know what else milk is? WHITE. Milk is WHITE. It’s as white as can be. It’s just another product that perpetuates the myth that anything white is superior.

Sure, a brown version of the product is sold in the form of chocolate milk. But that’s the sugary one isn’t it? It’s BAD for you. Again, white milk is GODO, brown milk is BAD.

We need to bring an end to this symbolic oppression through dairy products. We need to change people’s views on color. There is no better place to start then with this calcium-filled staple beverage.”

Well, that’s it then. AOC has gone right off the deep end.

She has lost what little she had left of her mind and is now the engineer on the crazy train.

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