AOC Says “Unplanned Pregnancies are All Men’s Fault”

It takes a man to get a woman pregnant!

In a virtual town hall with her constituents, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shocked the attendees by blaming men for all unplanned pregnancies. Yes, men!

One of her constituents, Sandy Batt, asked a very pointed question about how to reduce the number of abortions in the United States. Alessandra Octavia-Corazon replied that it’s easy: get men to agree to abstain from all sex until they’re ready to make a baby.

After all, she continued, women don’t get pregnant on their own — it takes a man’s little swimmers to get a woman knocked up. So, men need to keep their swimmers to themselves until they’re ready to procreate.


Several men in the audience were extremely angry with Alexis Olivia-Cortex for suggesting that unwanted pregnancies have anything to do with them. One guy yelled, “Since when are men supposed to be responsible for the results of their boom-boom time? Women are sluts and it’s THEIR problem if they’re stupid enough to get pregnant!”

Anastasia Octagon-Kotex smiled a knowing smile after the little man’s outburst and said, “Women are blamed, ridiculed, and judged for having abortions. If you don’t want abortions to happen, then don’t cause unwanted pregnancies. No sex for you until you’re ready to be a dad.”

There was lots of consternation in the audience as many people — both men and women — seemed very uncomfortable with the idea that men should be held responsible for their sexual activities, not just women. One man, who refused to give his name, said, “It’s my god-given right to spread my seed and the woman’s responsibility to make sure it doesn’t fertilize. Or something like that.”

AOC has a way of stirring things up. But she has a point. No little swimmers = no pregnancies. Abortions would go down to zero immediately. Wouldn’t it be worth it to give up sex, to save the babies that everyone’s so concerned about?

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