AOC, Michelle Obama Join Forces to Form Pro-Abortion PAC

The truth is right in front of you

Women of color have been long oppressed in America. Now, that they finally hold sway in their positions, it is sad that is has come to this.

AOC and Michelle Obama have started a pro-abortion super PAC (political action committee) to destroy our American Christian beliefs. It has long been both women’s agenda. Now they have the opportunity to act on it.

AOC recently told reporters, “It’s always been a dream of mine to have an American abortion. I’m so happy that I can now approve my own abortion in America.”

Their committee, Abortions of Liberations (AOL), is the most blatant liberal scheme against American living since the approval of welfare. Welfare has undermined the American dream since its fascist conception in 1935. It is this type of ideology that stipend our entrance into World War II and caused the deaths of millions of Americans.

AOC and Michelle Obama are obviously birds of the same feather. They represent the worst our country has to offer, yet there they are in positions of power. Truly a sad state for our country to be in.

Questions regarding Michelle Obama’s gender make this an incredibly difficult dilemma to tackle right now. If she is a female, it only loans credit to her debate. If, as many of us suspect, he is a man, it only serves to discredit his argument.

Nevertheless, abortion is one of the most sinful of sins. Better to have a gay baby and give him/her up for adoption to an American Christian family that not have the baby at all.

Should AOC and Michelle Obama succeed in their efforts, our country will surely plunge into a deeper depression than any financial situation could bring. Having the weight of unborn babies upon our shoulders is one thing. Having the disapproval of God is another.

Stem testing, while proven beneficial, is against the word of God. Do people wish Christopher Reeves could have walked again? Of course. Was is God’s will? Obviously not.

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