AOC Demands Ted Cruz Surrender His Dog After Abandoning It For Mexico Trip

Cruz's kids are devastated!

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is no stranger to controversy, and neither is Senator Ted Cruz. And living up to her reputation for being a know-it-all New Yorker, Alessandra Octavio-Cortex has demanded that Ted Cruz give up his family dog.

Why would she do such a horrible thing and upset the Cruz children so much? Because the heinous Cruz family left their dog behind — alone, in a freakish cold spell — when they jetted off to Mexico so they could bask in the sun and enjoy running water and heat.

Anastasia Octagon-Cornpop announced:

“The Cruz family left their dog cold and alone during a historic cold snap, with no company and no one to take care of it. Senator Cruz doesn’t deserve to own a dog. He is hereby ordered to surrender the dog to the nearest animal shelter, and he must make a $50,000 donation to help other pets harmed by this horrible storm.”

Sandy Batt, the spokesperson for the local shelter in Houston, commented: “It’s absolutely appalling that Ted Cruz left his dog alone. Actually, in some ways, the dog was no doubt better off without those horrible people, but come on. You can’t just leave a dog alone. They should have houseplants if they want to neglect and ignore a living being.”

Senator Cruz — perhaps the most hated person in the Senate, loathed by both Republicans and Democrats — is furious that AOC has gone after his dog. “My dog is a strong, self-sufficient, proud Texan dog. He’s able to care for himself under any conditions. I left him a week’s worth of food and because he has self-control and will-power, he won’t act like a socialist and eat it all at once.”

The dog could not be reached for comment but was seen high-fiving the neighbor’s cat and strutting to the rescue van, eager to begin a new life in a household with decent human beings.

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