AOC Demands Her Own Taxpayer Funded Website

The truth is right there in front of you

AOC, the congresswoman from New York City has demanded and received her own taxpayer-funded government website. Usually, government websites are for the office, and not the office holder, as that cost is on them.

But AOC petitioned the incoming Biden administration for her own website and got it. It will cost taxpayers $1 million dollars per year for

The extremely expensive website that is now a government website will push AOC’s liberal socialist agenda. There will also be other Squad members’ notes, blogs, and other liberal information on the site.

This is the first time anyone in government got their own taxpayer-funded site, and conservatives are extremely angry about this kind of waste, especially wasting it to fund a socialist agenda.  This is liberal propaganda folks, and we’re paying for it.

The website,, is already up and running. Conservatives groups are already demanding its removal and for Alexandria Occasio-Cortez to reimburse the taxpayers for the cost of putting this website up and using government servers for it. It is completely unacceptable.

Patriot Joseph Barron, who runs the Americans Against Liberal Waste blog, was incensed.

“How dare they do this!! The .gov is sacred to our country! They’re disrespecting America!”

He said before being arrested for his actions at the Capitol building.

The site will include links to liberal causes, such as the environment, healthcare, proper mask-wearing, proper flag etiquette, and how to set your confederate flags on fire when you see one. 

It also has a section listing all of the trump crimes since he took office in 2017. Being on government servers should be illegal, but of course, liberals get away with everything!!!!

This is unbelievable. Can you even believe this? What happened to America?

Imagine clicking on this website and the information you’ll get!!!  And why AOC of all people? Didn’t Donald Trump deserve his own website?

We didn’t even pay that man a salary, and honestly, even so, we paid him way too much.  I guess we can say the money for this site is being taken from Social Security and Veteran’s Affairs too.

Might as well get real mad!!!!