Biden’s Election Confirmation To Be Ratified on June 31st


Since the end of the 2020 election over seven months ago, there has been endless discussion by many legal and procedural experts about the lingering possibilities that Donald Trump could still be reinstated as President.  Some come from cartoonishly stupid lawyer Sidney Powell.  Some from a glassy-eyed crackhead pillionaire.

Zodiac senator Ted Cruz circled the important date on his “Sexy Photos of Mealworms” calendar. He’s kind of a weird fucker.

While the truth, here on the actual earth in reality, is that Joe Biden won the Presidency in a landslide with absolutely no cheating or fraud involved, the orange-tinted delusional flopsweat baby in Mar-a-lago still continues to yammer about wet dreams that might soothe his ego and excuse the glaring fact that America is disgusted and embarrassed of him.

Or maybe not, says Congressional expert and poster child for brain damage Marjorie Taylor Greene.  The dipshitted double-penetrator told Joe Barron of the Washington Queefly last weekend.

“Um, so, Joe Biden’s farcical and illegal confirmation as President is up for ratification at the end of the month on June 31st.  We can stand up as a nation and refuse to ratificate it.  When we do, Trump will be brought back and Jesus will sit on my face.  I figured this all out after God sent a golf ball into my head last week to make me sleep and dream in a water hazard.”

“One time I saw Princess Di on a merry go-round and waved, but she didn’t wave back. I found out later, I was actually inside a clothes dryer with an open rubber cement tube.”

Some scholars point out that ratification has nothing to do with election processes, results aren’t “ratified”, there’s no “confirmation” do-over anything, and June 31st does not exist.  Greene responded.

“That’s all fake news.  I believe we are being given this last chance to save America by God almighty.  Did you know Donald Trump’s name is in the Bible seventeen times?  That’s the number of Q.  It’s also how many holes I can drill in my head before I pass out.”

With the fictional do-or-die date approaching, security at the Captol has begun to step-up it’s awareness, should a second round of delusional and mentally handicapped Trumptards decide to cosplay Queensryche’s Operation Mindcrime album once again.

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