Anonymous Tip Triggers New Investigation into Clinton Email Server

The truth is right in front of you

One of the biggest unsolved mysteries from the corrupt Obama Administration is the unexplained disappearance of Hillary Clinton’s illegal private email server. After all of the hearings and investigations, the American people have yet to receive a straight answer on the whereabouts of that server – and the incriminating evidence that is surely stored on it.

According to sources, an anonymous whistle-blower from the tech company who maintained, and eventually removed the server has located inventory documents that were buried in an old warehouse. These inventory documents were not available during previous investigations. They are reported to include an audit trail that tracks all used equipment removed, refurbished, and resold by the company.

The source claims that DOJ believes the documents contain info about what happened to the Clinton Email Server. They are currently pursuing a subpoena for these and all other records stored in the warehouse.

Our Investigative Reporter Sandra Batt caught up with one source that has first-hand knowledge of the company’s used equipment sales. The source, who did not want to be named, agreed to meet with Ms. Batt over a few Miller Lites and a bucket of Garlic-Parmesan wings at a local watering hole.

The source provided Ms. Batt with the following statement:

“Yea, a few times a year, we have customers who trade in old servers. We open them up, clean them inside and out, then test them. If everything’s working, we sell them really cheap on the used equipment market.

Five or six years ago, two very well dressed men came in and bought our entire inventory of used servers. They even bought the ones that didn’t work. They wanted everything and they paid with cash. They gave us two Non-Profit Tax ID numbers, one from the Obama Foundation and one from ACORN.

We loaded all of it into a brand new van with blacked out windows and they sped off. I’ve never seen a Non-Profit group with such a nice van or their volunteers wearing such expensive suits. It was kind of weird, but they paid with cash so, whatever.”

Bucket of wings
A bucket of Garlic-Parm wings because, WINGS!

Once the subpoena is issued and AG Barr gets his hands on these documents, we should expect the investigation to move quickly. The server is most likely at the Obama Foundation or at ACORN headquarters. When the forensic investigators get their hands on that server and find those 30,000 missing emails, we’ll finally get to the bottom of all the propaganda about Benghazi, the illegal sale of our uranium to Iran and every other conspiracy theory floated by Conservatives since 2008.

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