NY Artist Covers Up Trump Tattoos Free


It’s not uncommon for people to get caught up in the heat of the moment and, unfortunately, make some bad life choices that can follow them around later on.  For example, actor Mark Hamill just desperately needing to do the movie “Corvette Summer” after Star Wars and messing up his face just in time for “The Empire Strikes Back.”

Or that week in Thailand where Sean Hannity thought the cocaine would make him immune to Syphilis.

Former President and professional criminal Donald Trump became the leader of a cult of personality four years ago by stoking the fires of inert racism and fear in a less-than reasonable or intelligent portion of the population.  Some of those hideously stupid individuals decided to immortalize the morbidly obese twice impeached embarrassment in ink on their own skins.  How ghetto is that?

Far too ghetto, says tattooist Joe Barron of The Inkporium tattoo parlor in Queef’s borough, New York.  That’s why he’s dedicated a pro-bono portion of each day’s business to covering up the face and name of America’s worst mistake.

He can also make it say “Hail Hydra” which is kind of over but still fun.

“Whether it’s a painting, a picture, or a tattoo,” Barron explained, “It’s artwork.  And the last place that idiot piece of shit Trump needs to be is in art.  So, I’ve been making his name into Biden’s, or his image into other different people.  Sure these poor people were morons to put Trump anywhere on themselves.  But everyone deserves a second chance.  Except Donnie.  He should be stuffed into a piano case and flown into the Bermuda triangle.”

After his initial announcement, the parlor has had a veritable taterlanche of convicted bestiality subjects and women who sell jewelry made from their own petrified armpit hairs on Etsy coming in daily to have their traitorous ticklespots redone.  Many of the newly-cleaned presentables have rewarded the patriotic artist with donations to planned parenthood in his name, and signed photographs from close friend and humanitarian George Soros.

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